Wuhan Families accuses China of blocking COVID Lawsuits - TNBC USA

Globally the cases of COVID positive now have crossed 30 million and death cases nearly touching 1 million. The epicenter of which was the Wuhan region of China where the families are now accusing the Chinese authority of blocking lawsuits.

The Families of the Wuhan and Hubei region accuses the Government of concealing the outbreak when it first emerged last year by saying the epidemic was a natural calamity, which results in the massive outbreak, and all went out of control.

At least five lawsuits were filed with the Wuhan Intermediate court by the families of the deceased. Plaintiffs are each seeking near about $295,000. But all of the lawsuits are now rejected abruptly and many others are receiving pressure from the authorities not to file, according to people involved. The court on the other hand is keeping silence upon this situation

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