Whole World Witnesses The Last Journey of Stephen Hawking

Whole World Witnesses The Last Journey of Stephen Hawking

London 14 : World renowned British theoretical physicist passed away at the age of 76 at his home in Cambridge according to family sources. The whole world was initially astonished to hear the news when it was aired in various media. He was revered all over the world for his work on Black Holes and Theory of Relativity. He was the author of the best seller A Brief History of Time and many other poular books on science and technology.

He was diagnosed with a dreaded motor neuron disorder at an early age of 22 . His doctors had initially predicted that he would not live for long but he proved them wrong and became one of the best Physicists of recent times . He was bestowed with the post of prestigious Lucatian Professor by the University of Cambridge which was chaired by Sir Issac Newton. Although he was a physicist all through his life his work with Mathematician Roger Penrose was very much appreciated by the scientists all over the world. He was also instrumental about spreading awareness amongst youngsters especially amongst the students. Hence he appeared in a number of television serials like The Simpsons , Red Dwarf and The Big Bang Theory.He made a special appearance in the recent Oscar winning film Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everything .

Stephen was born on January 08 ,1942 in Oxford . He first published his research paper titled Black Holes Emit Radiation in 1974. He wrote his first book A Brief history of Time in 1988 and it was sold more than 10 million copies over the world . His autobiography Theory of Everything became a film starring Eddie Redmayne.

NASA also expressed its grievance and a spokesperson said in a condolence message said the world lost a renowned physicist and an ambassador of science. Satya Nadela , the CEO of Microsoft said that the death of Stephen Hawking was an irrepairable loss for the world as a whole. The inventor of the WORLD WIDE WEB Team Berner Lee said the world lost a beautiful mind and a beautiful scientist.Yangyang Cheng , now a professor at Cornel university said that he inspired her when she was a student. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google expressed that the world lost a beautiful mind and a beautiful scientist. Apple co-founder Stephen Wozniack expressed in a press conference of the BBC that the brilliance of Stephen Hawking was really appreciable and he will remain as a source of inspiration for the younger generation for long. Russian billionaire and a fan of Stephen dsescribed him as a great human being as well as a great scientist. Caltech scientist said that his fame reached far beyond the science community and he was much closer to the common people .Robert Mc Neel a noted professor of physics said that he used to idealise when he was a liittle child. His three children Lucy . Robert and Tim said that they were very sad for the demise of their famous father.Our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has described him an outstanding scientist and great academic personality.

Hawkings contribution in the field of science to the common man will be remembered by millions of people all over the world for a long period of time even after his death as he was not only a great scientist and a renowned scholar but also a great human being with a very humble behavior.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 14, 2018

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