Voices of Crew , Can be Potential Clue In The Ongoing Scrutiny Of The Ethiopian Airlines Crash - TNBC USA

The final minute’s investigation on the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 switch on the secret cockpit voice recorder after the Boeing crashes had shuddered the international aviation industry with the consequence.

The tone of Captain Yared Getachew and First Officer Ahmed Nur Mohammed could disclose what pushed the 737 MAX model of Boeing to the deadly crash which is also concerning parallelly another terrible crash, in October in Indonesia,  involving the same model of Boeing.

Both disasters killed 346 people. In France, Black box data was downloaded, but only Ethiopian experts proceeding the investigation have listened to the conversation between 29 years old Getachew and 25 years old  Mohammed.

According to the opinion of the experts a newly automated system installed in Boeing’s flagship MAX fleet proposed to stop stalling by plunging the nose of the plane – may have played a crucial role in both crashes, with the endangered pilots who were not able to override it as their jets diving downwards.

Both models of Boeing dropped downwards just a few minutes after the taking off after inconstant flying pattern losing the entire control. Hence as per the opinion of the experts, every crash has a unique chain of human and technical factors.

As one of the most successful companies of the Africa, Ethiopian Airlines and as one of the largest aircraft manufacturer of the world, as well as a vast American exporter, Boeing has to face the staking position through the ongoing investigation.

Safety experts, as well as lawmakers, are questioning how profoundly regulators screened the MAX models and how well the pilots were trained on the latest features. Currently, regulators have proscribed the existing fleet of more than 300 MAX aircraft model and the scheduled deliveries around 5,000 more – worth well over $500 billion have been postponed.

Pressure on the Chicago-headquartered aircraft manufacturing firm has developed with the news that federal prosecutors along with US Department of Transportation are inspecting how potentially the MAX model was integrated. The matter has been briefed by two people familiar with the investigation.

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