Violating Nuclear Deal, Iran Attempting To Blackmail World - TNBC USA

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged Iran for violating the nuclear deal in order to “blackmail “ the international community into easing economic pressure.

Netanyahu said at an early reception in Jerusalem highlighting the July 4th Independence Day in the United States, “ this week Iran openly violated the nuclear deal by increasing the stockpile of enriched uranium (to beyond that) allowed under the deal”.

Iran said it had crossed a limit on its enriched uranium reserves set under a 2015 nuclear deal fringed towards collapse.

Netanyahu said, “ they’re hoping, that regime, that by violating the deal it will be able to blackmail the world into making concessions and reducing the economic pressure on it”.

He also added, “ we should do the exact opposite. Now is the time to increase the pressure. Now is the time to stand firm”.

The move of Iran has been experienced as an option of exerting pressure on Europe to attempt and recover the deal which has hung by a thread since US President Donald Trump pulled back from the presentation and re-enforced crunching approvals on Tehran.

Persisting remarks he made the day before, Netanyahu requested Europe on Tuesday to escalate pressure on Iran.

He said, “ now is the time for the European powers to follow America’s lead and restore sanctions against Iran, just as they promised to do in the United Nations Security Council”.

Netanyahu has campaigned for long against 2015 agreement.

Earlier at a separate ceremony, Netanyahu said that a Mossad operation to acquire documents from Iran providing “proof” of the nuclear weapons ambitions of Iran was targeted at assuring the US President to exit from the deal.

He said at 2018 Mossad operation in Iran, “ I approved the operation out of the thought that exposing the plan will help convince the US president to withdraw from the dangerous nuclear deal with Iran”.

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