Video Footages Shows Before Entering Sri Lanka Church Alleged Suicide Bomber Pats Girl

Video Footages Shows Before Entering Sri Lanka Church Alleged Suicide Bomber Pats Girl

In a show telecast of  CCTV footage by Sri Lankan local channel, one of the alleged suicide bombers were seen to enter to the St Sebastian Church in Negombo, before the moments of terror bombing which tore the Church during the holiest day of the Christianity on Sunday.

The Negombo Church, which is in 40 minutes distance from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo was among the eight places where a string of blasts snatches 300 lives also injuring several hundred.

In the video footage, the suspect was wearing a backpack and stepping slowly towards the church amidst the mass who appeared to attend Easter celebration in the church. The reported footage also shows a man and a girl crossing the paths holding hands along with the alleged suspects who pauses patting the girl before his continuing to work towards the church.

Wearing a light blue t-shirt and black pants, the man is seen to enter the church through the front door of the St Sebastian Church. People were seen waiting in the line as the alleged suspect crosses the entrance leaving them behind. A few seconds later, he is seen to enter the mass crowd while the Easter celebration was ongoing. Including children, men, and women, dozens of people were seen taking part in the prayers as the suspect enters through the third door.

The video footage ends with the man engaging himself to be close to the middle of the crowd.

As an eyewitness, Dilip Fernando, who was at St Sebastian Church just before the blast, claimed to have seen the young man fetching a heavy bag and moving towards at the end of the church. As per his sayings, “ he touched my granddaughter’s head on the way past. It was the bomber”.

Mr. Fernando told the media, he was around 30 and very young and innocent as per to his relatives and he was not excited or afraid. He was so calm. More people are believed to have died in the blast at St Sebastian than any of the other attacks, with the local hospital receiving more than 100 bodies. UNICEF has ensured that 27 children were killed and another 10 injured in the attack at St Sebastian Church in Negombo.

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