Venezulean President Nicholas Maduro, Decided to Bring Forward the Legislative Elections - TNBC USA

The Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro gave threat about bringing forward of parliamentary elections for dealing diplomatically against the challenge of the opposition leader, as well as self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guido.

The US supported opposition Venezuelan leader Juan Guido announced himself as President of the country on 23rd January. The National Assembly leader directed a mass protest against opposition on the street in Caracas claiming the resignation of current President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro and hold Presidential elections. But addressing at an opposition pro-reigning rally celebrating the 20th anniversary of the socialist revolution led by his antecedent Hugo Chavez, Maduro told he was in favor of a Constituent Assembly proposal to bring forward to this parliamentary election set for the end of 2020.

Maduro told, “I agree and I will hold to this decision”.He also told, “ They (the opposition) want to bring forward elections, let’s have elections”. Four major nations of Europe – France, Germany, Spain, and Britain have told that they will join the United States and several Latin American countries in acknowledging Guido as the interim President if current President of Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro does not arrange residential elections.

The National Assembly is only the position controlling branch of the government. However, it has been powerless since 2016 while the reign-loyalist controlled Supreme Court deprived it for its powers.

Nicholas Maduro created the Constituent Assembly in 2017 to replace parliament, with the new administrative body declaring itself the institution with the supreme power in the country. If new parliamentary elections are held, the opposition party could lose the majority. Supported by the instigating international support, Juan Guido has been stumping the pressure on Nicholas Maduro to drive him from office forcefully.

He demands to have the constitutional right to establish intervening government ahead of new Presidential elections as the National Assembly has announced Nicholas Maduro as the illegal throne achiever in the controversial reelection in the last year. In the disputed election in the last year, several opposition leaders were unable to contend in the election having been imprisoned barred or exiled directing opposition parties to boycott. The US, European Union Organization of United States all canceled the election as deceptive.

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