Venezuelean Opposition Leader Stripped Of Resistance, Can Face Prosecution - TNBC USA

The legislator of Venezuela sacked the resisting stand of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, being loyal to the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro. A legitimized high court would prosecute him with a shocking degree for his proclamation about himself as the ruler of the crisis-hit country.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido who is acknowledged by the 50 countries, had expressed concerns earlier for being kidnapped by the agents of government following an urge by the Supreme Court to the Constituent Assembly for lifting his parliamentary resistance.

According to the critics of the controversial two-year-old body, it was generated for validating the decisions of Nicholas Maduro and subsidiary the rival-party-led National  Assembly.

The President of Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, declared pro-Maduro legislators had unitedly sanctioned the Supreme Court to institute legal proceedings against Juan Guido accusing him also accountable for breaching a government rescinding ban on 29th January and leaving the country.

The court had also been probing Juan Guaido for wrestling the ruling power of Nicholas Maduro for proclaiming himself as interim President of Venezuela on 23rd January. This crucial move promptly acquired international support.

The verdict court ruling, mentioned the violation of a ban on the travel outside Venezuela by Juan Guaido, while he visited Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador from late February to early March.

The move emerged after the announcement in the last week, by the Venezuelan auditor general’s office, that it had sacked Guaido to attend public office for 15 years and the decision he declined as invalid.

In a simultaneous path, the political battle and the series of ruinous blackout have pushed the monetary-inflation-hit-country to a deepening crisis. The crisis-hit Venezuela’s millions of citizens are suffering a crucial emergency without water, triggering the government to replace the energy minister of the country and establish a power rationing system to pacify the outrages.

Three major blackouts hit Venezuela in March, deteriorating the miserable living and the economic inflation in the crisis-hit country, and triggering authorities to take moves targeted at impeded the outrages.

Maduro declared about the new appointment of energy minister named Igor Gavidia Leon replacing the current energy minister, retired general  Luis Motta Dominguez. The government of Maduro also accused the plotted attacks on the main hydroelectric power plant of the country for the damaged electric supply of the Venezuelan country.

Nicholas Maduro assured about the new minister that he “ is an electrical industry worker with 25 years of experience, an engineer who had many responsibilities”.

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