Venezuelan Interim President Determines Legal Action Against US Over the Oil Sanctions - TNBC USA

Interim Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro  committed for a solemn promise to counterattack against the United States for its new approvals on State oil company PDVSA.

Venezuelan provisional President Maduro professed his opinion on the state television channel ,saying  “I have given specific instructions to the head of PDVSA to launch political and legal action, in US and international courts, to defend the property and assets of Citgo,” PDVSA US-based subsidiary ”.

Venezuelan President told at a ceremony, “With this move, they are trying to steal Citgo from us, the Venezuelan people. Be on alert, Venezuela!”, greeting home diplomats remembered from Washington pursuing the US decision to consider opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim President.

The current Venezuelan leader of the opposition-led National Assembly, Guaido claimed that he would take the responsibility of the foreign assets of Venezuela for keeping Venezuelan president  Nicolas maduro away from being commander of them in an incidental complete exit from power.

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