Venezuelan General Suggests Military To Take Move Against The Ruling Of Nicolas Maduro - TNBC USA

A Venezuelan general invited the armed forces of the country to move against the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, who was literally dependent on the support of the Venezuelan military to safeguard his power despite an economic breaking down. As an Air Force General, Ramon Rangel claimed that the Venezuelan government is actually controlled by the “ communist dictatorship” in Cuba – a strong ally of Venezuela President Maduro.

Air Force General, Ramon Rangel  wearing a formal suit along with a copy of the constitution in his hand, posted a video on YouTube, “we have to find a way to get rid of the fear, to go out into the streets to protest, and to seek a military union to change this political system ”. He also added, “ It’s time to rise up.”

The declaration of the air force general remarks another hit to Nicholas Maduro after a couple of same decamping by the senior officers this year, there is a small specification that he will control the scales.

The officer who have declined to support Venezuelan President Maduro who escaped the country and the military top brass-most remarkably those who command troops – resumes identifying Maduro. The information ministry did not reply urgently to a request for the statements.

Air Force Commander Pedro Julia posted an image of Rangel on Twitter on Sunday with the words “traitor to the Venezuelan people and the revolution ” printed across the image.

Air Force General, Ramon Rangel was an active military officer who escaped to Colombia last month, as per a source familiar to the military of Venezuela who asked not to be recognized.

Air Force General, Ramon Rangel did not raise voice for Juan Guaido the opposition leader of Venezuela who cited the constitutions to expect the interim Presidency in January, insisting that 2018 re-election of Nicholas Maduro was a fraud, unlike other officers who have made similar declarations.

Including the United States and most of the South American nations, more than 50 nations, call Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.

A group of soldiers and Juan Guaido invited the armed forces on 30th April on Maduro, but the military never connected and the increasing breakdown. The government called the event a revolt attempt and charged a group of 10 opposition legislators of betrayal for joining rebounding that day.

Venezuela is experiencing a crucial break down which has instigated a migration evacuation of almost 3.5 million people in the past three years.

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