Venezuela President Unharmed After Drone “Attack”, Blames Colombia for It

Venezuela President Unharmed After Drone “Attack”, Blames Colombia for It

According to the latest reports by the Reuters, on Saturday, President Nicolas Maduro said that he had escaped an “assassination” attempt using an explosive-laden drone after a live broadcast showed him looking confused when a bang went off during a Caracas military parade and dozens of soldiers scuttling for safety. His government said seven soldiers were wounded in the incident. No drones could be seen in the television broadcast, which showed bodyguards jumping in front of Maduro to protect him with flexible ballistic shields. The broadcast was quickly cut.

Maduro said, in a later state broadcast, “flying object (that) exploded in front of me, “It was an attack to kill me, they tried to assassinate me today”.

He said, “some of those involved were arrested and an investigation underway. Maduro accused neighboring Colombia and unidentified “financiers” in the United States, while some of his officials blamed Venezuela’s opposition”.

“This is an attack against President Nicolas Maduro,” Communication Minister Jorge Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said there was “an explosive charge… detonated close to the presidential podium” and in several other spots along the parade held in central Caracas.

Maduro “came out of it completely unharmed,” he said.

The government pointed the finger at “the ultra-right wing”, its term for the opposition.

But Maduro said: “I have no doubt that the name (Colombian President) Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack”.

He added that initial investigations “indicate that various of those financing it live in the United States, in the state of Florida. I hope that President Donald Trump is ready to fight these terrorist groups”.


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