Venezuela Approaches Direct Discussions Between Nicolas Maduro and Donald Trump - TNBC USA

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza initiated direct discussions between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his US counterpart Donald Trump, to assist for resolving the crisis grabbing his country.

The Foreign Minister of Venezuela told in an address at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, “ We are proposing the path of dialogue, even with the United States… Why shouldn’t they meet, President Trump and President Maduro?”

He added, “ Enough of all this aggression”. The diplomatic campaign led by the US for supporting the opposition leader Juan Guido, the self-declared interim President of Venezuela, who was also recognized by about 50 countries, created a deadlock between the international influences and Maduro’s persistence.

Current Venezuelan President accused the United States of using international aid as a political tool targeted to drive out him and accused US sanctions of the economic uncertainty in his country.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister,  Arreaza also approached to the UN High Commissioner for the Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, for visiting Venezuela to estimate the impact of what he stated as a US-led “blockade”.



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