US Voids Venezuelan Visas , Declines Dialogue With Nicolas Maduro - TNBC USA

According to the claim of the United States, it was exchanging visas of the Venezuelan legislators arrayed by President Nicolas Maduro as it condemned European and Latin American countries for attempting dialogue with the enemy surrounded leader. The United States has acknowledged Juan Guido, the leader of the opposition-ruled National Assembly, as the interim President of the economically troubled nation.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declines the elected administrative authority and in 2017 surfaced the way for an opposition Constituent Assembly, whose members are assembled with supporters of the leftist agitator after the opposition boycotted the election.

The new US emissary Elliot Abrams commented on the crisis of Venezuela, that Washington was reversing the visas of an undefined number of the members of the Constituent Assembly.

New US emissary Elliot Abrams told the reporters, “The body has usurped many of the constitutional powers of the legitimate National Assembly and embodies Maduro’s destruction of democratic institutions ”.

He also criticized a meeting in Montevideo of ministers from more than a dozen European and the Latin American countries who are requiring a negotiated way to end the standoff of Venezuela.

The discussions involve EU foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini and are led by Uruguay and Mexico, the two of the Latin American countries not to have acknowledged the Venezuelan interim President Juan Guido than the allies of Nicolas Maduro such as Cuba.

A long periodic Republican foreign policy reviewer, Elliot Abrams who assisted to navigate the disputed support of Ronald Reagan by the anti-communist forces of Central America, told that countries should only consider Juan Guido for any dealing.


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