US Vice- Presidents’ “ridiculous” election meddling charge rejected by China

US Vice- Presidents’ “ridiculous” election meddling charge rejected by China

Today, China rejected the United States Vice President Mike Pence’s charges that Beijing influencing elections in America as “ridiculous” and “unwanted”.

In a scorching speech, yesterday VP Pence alleged China of military aggression, the rise in human rights violation and commercial theft as he emits the Asian power as a villain bent on interfering in forthcoming US elections.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying stated, “The relevant speech made unwarranted accusations against China’s domestic and foreign policies and slandered China by claiming that China meddles in US internal affairs and election.”

She continued that “This is nothing but speaking on hearsay evidence, confusing right and wrong and creating something out of thin air. The Chinese side is firmly opposed to it.”

Expanded its complaint aired by US President Donald Trump last week at the United Nations, VP Pence alleged China of waging an “unprecedented effort to influence American public opinion” before a critical congressional election in the country on November 6 and wanted “a different American president.”

The relationship between worlds’ two largest economically established countries has tumbled in recent weeks as US President Trump imposed $250 billion tariffs on Chinese goods, due to which China suffered a great loss and in form to take revenge to form the US.

Ms. Hua said that “It is very ridiculous for the US side to stigmatize its normal exchanges and cooperation with China as China interfering in its internal affairs and elections.”

“China always follows the principle of non-interference in others’ internal affairs and we have no interest in meddling in US internal affairs and elections,” she added.

Ms. Hua expressed, “We urge the US to correct its wrongdoing, stop groundlessly accusing and slandering China and harming China’s interests and China-US ties.”

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