US State Secretary Mike Pompeo Professed About Emerging Threat On Intensified Connection Between Huawei and Chinese Intelligence Shell - TNBC USA

US State Secretary, Mike Pompeo has brought allegation that Huawei is possessed by the government of China, has intensified connections with their intelligence shell and anchored a national security threat, pleading countries to ponder second time before signing the deal with one of the largest tech firm of the world.

Shenzhen-based Chinese tech firm Huawei has confronted the rising tussle in its force to make bypass to the US market, as the Republican lawmakers and White House aimed at the Chinese tech companies, mentioning national security concerns.

The Chinese tech firm frequently refused allegations from US legislators that its technology could be used by the Chinese government to collect intelligence information.

In his address at the “ Future Farmers of America” event low on Monday, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo told, the company has minimum two things for threatening the United States.

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo told, “ One is that they – there’s a risk that they’ll steal American technology, and frankly, use those systems to invade your privacy. That is, they do telecommunications equipment that provides backbone services for networks, handsets all throughout the IT infrastructure and soon will be moving across the entire world with the new 5G rollout of their equipment”.

He also added, “Second, Huawei also presents a more traditional national security threat. It’s very different from America. If you’re working with AT&T or a US telecom provider, a Microsoft or an IBM who’s providing IT services or products, it’s a private company doing its own thing, trying to make money, trying to grow its business ”.

While the Western nations are keeping eye on the business deal with the renowned Chinese firm over the espionage concerns. Huawei has always continued acts independently.


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