US State Secretary Claims Iran Targeted At Oil Markets In UAE Ship Attacks - TNBC USA

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo claimed that Iran was attempting to raise the value of oil while it reportedly pounced the oil tankers on the coast of the United Arab Emirates. The remarks of the United State Secretary emerged a day after the US State National Security Advisor John Bolton professed in Abu Dhabi, that  Iran was “ almost certainly” behind the 12th May obstruction of four shops along with two-tankers from the arch-rival Saudi Arabia.

US state Secretary told reporters as he left Washington for Berlin on a tour of Europe.

The United States is attempting to end the sales of Iran oil, as per the key export, as part of a campaign to confront the regional role of Tehran.

Iran strongly declined the accusations of the US national security advisor, claiming the veteran hawkish official was among “warmongers” with “evil desires for chaos in the region”.

The charges came from  Saudi Arabia organized emergency Arab and Gulf summits at which it attempted to  reunite the world to a hardline in Iran. the United States has sent nuclear-capable bombers and an aircraft carrier strike group to the region as it professed imminent threats from the Islamic republic.But the US President has said he does not want to involve to war  and that he is open to dialogue with Tehran.

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