US President Warns About Uncompromising Sanctions On Venezuela - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump alerted that the United States could enforce a “ lot tougher” approvals on Venezuela as he pleaded the military of the country to dethrone the leftist leader of Nicolas Maduro.

After the meeting with right-wing President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro who is an uncompromising opponent of socialism,  the US President Donald Trump refused to forecast a deadline for the falling of Venezuelan President Maduro, who has gripped the power for almost two months since the declaration of his illicit presidentship by the United States and Latin American powers.

The US President told in a news conference with Bolsonaro, “ We haven’t done the toughest sanctions,” Trump told a joint news conference with Bolsonaro”.

The US President also told, “ We’ve done, I would say, right down the middle, but we can go a lot tougher if we need to do that”.

The US President told, “What is happening there is a disgrace. This was one of the wealthiest countries in the world and all of a sudden, it is grief-stricken, poverty-stricken — no food, no water, no air-conditioning, no anything”.

The US President resumed his call on the military battalion of Venezuela to dethrone Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who still grips the backing from the leadership of the security forces.

The US President added, “We call on members of the Venezuelan military to end their support for Maduro, who is really nothing more than a Cuban puppet ”.

The Brazilian right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, who is an explicit enemy of the socialist ideology, told he had spoken to the US President about permitting the US military to take the position in Brazil near the border of Venezuela.

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