US President Professed Relation With French President Is Outstanding

US President Professed Relation With French President  Is Outstanding

The warm handshakes and smiles were back between the US President and his French counter fellow Emmanuel Macron, as they met in northern France, a distinct turnaround from a bitter ambiance of the summit last November.

Both global leaders took spot in the center of the stage on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings of World War II, while 150,000 allied military forces started the salvation proceeding of Nazi-occupied France.

Both used the occasion for reminding their nations shared history and sacrifices as the spectators monitored their body language for remarks of any persisting ill-will, related their clashes last year.

There were handshaking repeatedly, while the US President welcomed Macron’s wife Brigitte with kisses on three different occasions during the main remembrance event at a US cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer where more than 9,000 US personnel are buried.

Later, US President indicated his relationship with his French counterpart Macron, saying, “ it’s been good sometimes and sometimes it hasn’t been, but right now it’s outstanding”, as they came to lunch table in the nearby town of Caen.

The US President also added, “ so the relationship that we’ve had together has been really terrific and I appreciate it very much.”

Last time Macron welcomed the US President in France for World War I  hundred years commemoration last year in November, and it turned into a diplomatic clash.

The US President reached angrily to his French counterpart Macron for supporting a European army and he teased the French leader on Twitter, a few days afterward over his “very low approval ratings”.

The French diplomat said that the US President has been inflamed by a speech during WWI centenary and also felt bitter for not being given a larger role in the collection that brought 70 leaders together.

In his WWI speech, French President Macron had said that “nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism” in a 20-minute address at the Arc de Triomphe that also criticized”, claiming their interests come first and others do not matter.

He also addressed slightly-veiled messages to the US President about his “ America First” nationalism and isolationist which have proneness that has offended the transatlantic alliance.

He said, “The US  is never as big as when it is fighting for the freedom of others”.

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