US President Professed About Future Opportunities of “Awesome” Bilateral Relationship With North Korea - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump kept an eye on the coming “AWESOME” future about the bilateral relationship with North Korea after the high-profile dinner with its leader Kim Jong UN if his Korean counter fellow agrees to give up their nuclear weapon.

The US President posted in a tweet, implying his intimate use of capital letters for emphasis, claiming the scope for a denuclearized North Korea “ like almost none other in the history”.

The US President and North Korean leader have met for face to face discussions, with scheduled dinner in the capital of Vietnam, at Hanoi following more discussions. The US President stated the North Korean leader Kim as “my friend” a far cry from while the two leaders were casting personal insults and threats of military wrecking at each other at the height of tensions over the weapons programme of North Korea.

The US President unleashed his criticism at his domestic opponents in the engagement with the remote regime.

Citing his predecessor in the White House, the US President Donald Trump told, “ The Democrats should stop talking about what I should do with North Korea and ask themselves instead why they didn’t do ‘it’ during eight years of the Obama Administration?”

The two day long discussions target to add some flesh on the bones of a misty announcement emerged after their first historic meeting in June in Singapore.

Then the North Korean leader committed to working “ towards complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula”, but diplomatic progress has since impeded due to disputes over what means.

The US President presented few assumptions for the summit, claiming that he would be happy if Pyongyang ceases their continual of nuclear and missile testing.

In return, Washington expects to get Kim Jong UN to disassemble the key nuclear facility at Yongbyon, permit the international inspectors, or even hand over a full list of all the nuclear assets – something which has been categorically refused by the North Koreans to do.




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