US President Dismisses North Korean Executions

US President Dismisses North Korean Executions

US President Donald Trump presented for casting doubt on Wednesday on the news reports on the North Korean enactments as part of eradication in the consequences of a failed Hanoi summit and regretted that North Korean leader Kim Jong UN was accused too rapidly.

Asking about the South Korean reports that North Korea had bring about a top diplomat, the US President said, “ I don’t know if the reports are correct”.

He also added, “ they like to blame Kim Jong Un immediately”, during a presentation with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

Remarkable, the US President indicated the drastic leaders, professing last July he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin over the intelligence attempts that Russia had ventured to move the 2016 Presidential election.

In May he claimed he supported the condemnation of the North Korean leader about former US Vice President, Joe Biden, a Democratic Presidential candidate. There have been contradictory reports about the changes in the North Korean diplomatic team. South Korean daily Chosun IIbo stated last week that nuclear delegate Kim Hyok Chol was enacted in March along with foreign ministry personnel after they were accused with espionage for the United States.

Media was unable to ensure the account independently, some North Korean personnel who were reported to have been enforced represented later with the new titles. However, in state custody, Kim Hyok Chol was alive.

The South Korean daily told that the ex-top nuclear envoy, Kim Yong Chol, had been sent to a labor camp. He was then portrayed in a state media image partner Kim Jong Un to an art performance.

In his statements, the US President appeared to mistake the senior personnel was reported to have been sent to hard labor for the mediator who was reported to have been executed.

The US President said, “ they said he was killed but he wasn’t. He was at the theatre the other night. So he wasn’t killed. The other four people I know nothing about”.

In Vietnam capital Hanoi, in February, the second summit between the US President and Kim failed to reach a deal because of dilemmas over the US calls for the complete denuclearization, as well as the demands of North Korea for the sanctions relief.

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