US Officials Capture Chinese Spy Accusing of Thefting Aviation Secrets

US Officials Capture Chinese Spy Accusing of Thefting Aviation Secrets

US officials informed that a Chinese spy has been enticed to Belgium by the federal agents in vigilant steps and later the authorities transferred him to the United States for the probation in this week on the accusation of intelligence spying.

The officials of the top Justice Department said that a senior officer of the State Security Ministry, Yanjun Xu has been accused of scheming to steal the secrets of the trade from the leading defence aviation firms. His apprehension helps to justify the authorized activities of the officials of US law enforcement who have been condemned in the recent years that the summons of the foreign operators does not justify the result for the defendants in the courtroom.

According to the former officials and current officials, it is supposedly the first time while a Chinese spy has been sent to the United States for facing the production of the accusations.

The declaration becomes significant as the Trump administration has remarkably bustled against the activities of China and involved a crucial trade war, as well as the inflamed relationship between the two potential world powers. In the last week, Vice President Mike Pence brought the accusation against the security agencies of China “masterminding the wholesale theft of American technology- including cutting-edge military blueprints.”

The Assistant Attorney General of National Security, John Demers said, “ No one begrudges a nation that generates the most innovative ideas and from them develops the best technology. But we can not tolerate a nation stealing our firepower and the fruits of our brain power. We will not tolerate a nation that reaps what it does not show. ”

The US Attorney of Ohio Benjamin Glassman in Southern District  said, “ This case shows that federal law enforcement agencies can not only detect and disrupt espionage but can also its perpetrators.”

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