US National Security Advisor Warns , “ Serious Consequences For Those Who Attempt to Harm Guaido” - TNBC USA

Imposing a travel ban, as well as seizing bank account, Venezuelan government struck back to the self-announced President Juan Guido and this bold move triggered from the alert of Washington of the outcomes after enforcing the oil sanctions.

The extending US sanctions on oil firm PDVSA, declared on Monday which reveals the state led company may not be able to complete contracts with North American buyers, according to the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Targeted at pushing Maduro from power , the approvals were the powerful measures yet against the 56 year old former union leader, who has overlooked  the financial termination and withdrawal of millions of Venezuelans in the recent years.

The measures prompted the higher global prices, angry replies from China and Russia and the first significant moves against Guaido since he encountered the claim of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on the Presidency in the last week.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek Saab told he had requested the Supreme Court to open a preliminary inspection into Guaido, charging him of assisting the foreign countries to meddle in their internal matters. He also told the court to enforce a travel ban on the 35 year old Venezuelan leader  and also seize his bank account.

Following the responsive way, the national security advisor of America John Bolton alerted of “ serious consequences for those who attempt to subvert democracy and harm Guaido” in a post in Twitter which explained Saab as the “ illegitimate former Venezuelan Attorney General”.

Along with multiple other countries , the United States have acknowledged Guaido as the legislative head of Venezuela and discredited Nicolas Maduro as a interim illegal leader.


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