US Invited the Military of Venezuela to Join the Camp of the Opposition Leader - TNBC USA

A supreme White House official urgently called to proceed the military force of Venezuela to pursue the lead of a general who marched the path of the political destination along with the opposition leader Juan Guido against the self-declared Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro.

The National Security Advisor  John Bolton told in a tweet, “The US calls on all military members to follow General Yanez’s lead and to protect the peaceful protestors supporting democracy ”.

He mentioned to Major General Francisco Yanez who posted a video of himself rejecting the “ dictatorial” authority of Maduro and recognizing the leader of the National Assembly Juan Guido, as the acting President.

The director of the strategic planning of the Venezuelan high command of the air force is the highest-ranking active duty officer for turning against Venezuelan self-declared President Juan Guido who announced himself as the President of Venezuela on  23rd January, promising to arrange the Presidential election.



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