US Frustration Reflected On Trump’s Blocking of $1.66 Billion Aid to Pakistan - TNBC USA

According to the belief of the experts, American frustration reflects vividly in the suspension of providing  1.66 billion dollars as the security aid by the US to Pakistan as per the directive of the US President. The statement of Pentagon came after the comments of President Trump that Pakistan does not do “a damn thing”  for the US. The US President also outraged on Pak government claiming that they helped Al Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden for hiding the nearby Garrison City of Abbottabad.

The representative of Defence Department, Col. Rob Manning told the reporters in an response to the questions through email, “$1.66 billion of security assistance to Pakistan is suspended ”.

The Deputy Defence Assistant Secretary of the previous Obama Administration, David Sedney who served his duty for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asia, commented that the significance of the blocking of military aid to Pakistan, which started in January of the running year, is the strong reflection of the American frustration.

David Sydney said, “But, so far Pakistan has taken no serious steps to address the core US concern – that Pakistan tolerates and often encourages groups which use violence against Pakistan’s neighbours.”Pakistan’s leaders have promised cooperation, but beyond words, serious cooperation has not happened, therefore President Trump is frustrated and so are most Americans”.

As a think tank, the Senior Associate of the Strategic and International Studies Center said, “ This frustration does not ignore the suffering that Pakistani people have undergone. It just asks Pakistan to recognise that it should act to help stop the suffering of others ”.

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