US State Secretary Mike Pompeo proclaimed the hope that a second meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong UN and US President Donald Trump can be programmed for early 2019.

Mike Pompeo said in an interview with KNSS Radio in his home state of Kansas, “We are hopeful that in the new year, President Trump and Chairman Kim will get together not too long after the first of the year and make even further progress on taking this (nuclear) threat to the United States away from us ”.

Pompeo who has visited four times this year to North Korea in an investigation of a breakthrough said the circumstances had “undoubtedly” enhanced since 2017 ‘s high tensions that led to a panic of war.

He said, “ No more missiles being tested, no more nuclear testing. We’re in a better place today ”

Trump met Kim in June in Singapore in the first-ever meeting between leaders of the two nations that never formally ended the 1950-53 Korean War. Trump has repeatedly mentioned North Korea as a triumph story as he searches a grant in which Pyongyang would give up its nuclear weapons. Pompeo’s optimism comes despite an obvious standpoint in deliberations to assemble for the summit, with a senior North Korean official suddenly dismissing a summit with the secretary of state-arranged last month in New York.

North Korea has also criticized the US decision for slapping approval on the senior assistant to Kim over concerns on human rights, although Pyongyang was careful to accuse the State Department and voice faith in Trump.

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