US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis exclaimed that Afghanistan’s private army is “not a wise idea” - TNBC USA

Last day, United States Defence Secretary Jim Mattis rejected the concept of sending private military officials to Afghanistan over American force replacement.

Mattis reports source that “When Americans put their nation’s credibility on the line, privatizing it is probably not a wise idea.”

The ex-Chief of Controversial Private Military Organisation Erik Prince is also popularly known as “Blackwater” has continually touted such ideas as the way of a decline in the US military footprint in Afghanistan after the war of 17years. ‘

Erik Prince’s sister is Secretary of Education in the country, named Betsy DeVos.

Presently, over 14,000 United States troops are located in Afghanistan and rendering the necessary component of the NATO mission to train and support the local military forces.

However, Jim Mattis rejected the concept of involvement of Afghanistan’s private military as “not a wise idea” of the country.

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