Us Contacts With Venezuelan Military Directly Urging Uprising - TNBC USA

The United States persistently continuing the direct communications with members of Venezuelan military force pleading them to forsake Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and is also preparing new approvals aimed at escalating pressure on him, according to the senior official of the White House.

The Trump administration assumes further military absconding from Maduro’s side,  as per the claim of the official, despite only a few senior officers having done so since opposition leader Juan Guido announced himself, interim President, last month, earning the acknowledgment of the United States and dozens of other countries.

In this week, the White House Official told, “ We believe these to be those first couple pebbles before we start really seeing bigger rocks rolling down the hill”, speaking on the condition of anonymity. They added, “We’re still having conversations with members of the former Maduro regime, with military members, although those conversations are very, very limited. ”

The official refused to provide details on the discussions or the level at which they are being captivated and it was not clear whether such contacts could generate cracks in the support from the military to the socialist Venezuelan leader, and it is essential to his grip on power.

Apparently, the Venezuelan military still loyal to Maduro, a familiar source close to the opposition expressed doubts whether the Trump administration has laid enough groundwork to prompt a wider mutiny in the ranks where many officers are suspected of profiting from corruption and drug trafficking.

The security forces of South American countries have the fear that their families could be aimed by Nicolas Maduro if they defect, so the US would need to present something that could outweigh those concerns, told the Vice President of the Council of America, Eric Farnsworth.

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