US-China Trade Discussions At High Level in Prime Time to Resume - TNBC USA

The top Chinese and US officials returned to the formidable task to traverse the rift between the two largest economies of the world, while only eight days left in their trade ceasefire. US President Donald Trump has claimed repeatedly, the discussions with Beijing are going “very well”  but focus on the signs of progress have not been evident in the three months since both sides consented to halt their trade war.

The Commerce Ministry of China told both sides would “go a step further in deepening their communication ”. The analysts claim the distance dividing Beijing and Washington and the remaining short time before a deadline on  1st March make the separation an assumed consequence which will propose the banner declarations on the most far-reaching goals of the US President.

A former US trade official named William Reinsch told, “ I think the consensus of people that have been following this thing is that they’re not making nearly as much progress as the president tweets that they’ve been making” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Chinese trade negotiator Liu He is heading the delegation meeting between Beijing’s envoys and the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer along with American officials, as they work to direct the escalation of US tariffs.

The fourth round of negotiations pursues two days of introductory discussions at the provisional level.

In this week the US President told the deadline on 1st March to arrive a deal was in fact “ not to magical date”, elevating expectations that he could detain the plan to more than double US duties on $200 billion in Chinese goods.

Since July, Beijing and Washington have attacked each other on the matter of tariff on more than $360 billion in two-way trade, measuring on the manufacturing segments in both countries.

Washington has called on to that Beijing contradicts much of its industrial policy, accusing that China has sought international leverage through the claimed theft of American technology, huge subsidies and the furthering of mammoth state-owned enterprises.

The US officials have highlighted that any agreement must have teeth to secure that China keeps its promises.



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