US Announces , 25 Countries Credited $100 Million Aid to Venezuela

US Announces , 25 Countries Credited $100 Million Aid to Venezuela

Around twenty-five countries have credited 100 million in d to the crisis devastated Venezuela according to the American national security advisor John Bolton declared trailing an organization of American States conference on the aiding of the crisis-devastated country.

National Security Advisor, John Bolton posted on Twitter, “ Today, 25 countries, united at the OAS-hosted Conference on Humanitarian Assistance in Support of Venezuela pledged $100 million in humanitarian assistance,”.

According to a collaborator of  OAS working group which has been involved on the crisis of the migrated refugees from Venezuela, named David Smolansky, the monetary aid will directly go to the aid collection centers established on the borders with Colombia and Brazil and on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

At the inauguration of the conference in Washington, the representative of Guido Carlos Vecchio from the United States told the preference is to get aid into Venezuela on 23rd February, a month after Juan Guido announced himself as the interim President of Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Guido and self-declared interim President Juan Guido have been engaged in a battle over allowing aid into the country – with Maduro proclaiming doing so would set the stage for a military interruption.

Venezuela is going through the massive economic crisis in its recent history, along with towering inflation forecasted to hit 10 million percent in this year according to the International Monetary Fund.

The conference on Thursday was held at the request of OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro.

But the OAS itself is divided on the crisis: while the administration body sanctioned a resolution censuring Nicolas Maduro, only 16 of its 34 members signed an announcement acknowledging Juan Guido as substituting President.


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