US and Canada Working to Close Border to Unnecessary Travel, Sources - TNBC USA

In an official statement, the Trump administration said the US and Canada planning to close their borders within 24-48 hours. The two countries are working on a mutual ban on non-essential travel by issuing a joint statement. The emergency move was taken to control the spread of coronavirus. The partial shutdown will allow cross-border transfer of medical supplies, food and other goods. However, tourists will be restricted to cross the border. 

The agreement has not been finalized yet. The business and trade between the two countries will be continued, assured the officials. Canada has already closed its borders for all foreign nationals except U.S. citizens and permanent residents on Monday. 

As the SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread in Canada, the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged all the countrymen to stay at home and restrict contact with others. The Prime Minister is now under quarantine after his wife, Sophie was tested positive for the respiratory virus. “They are exceptional circumstances calling for exceptional measures.”

Canada has reported 441 coronavirus cases with 4 deaths as of Tuesday. Besides Canada, the US has recorded 4,744 cases, with 87 deaths. Air operations would remain closed from allowing anyone showing symptoms of the coronavirus from getting on a plane to Canada. 

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