US Aircraft interrupted by Russian fighter, Pentagon claims came “very close” - TNBC USA

A Russian fighter jet, Su-27 has interrupted a US Navy EP-3E Aries plane over the Black Sea, close to Russian Airspace and escorted it away with a safety measure, reports the Defence Ministry of Russia.

Meanwhile, US Navy has declared that a US reconnaissance aircraft was interrupted earlier yesterday by a Russian fighter jet, while it was flying in international space over the Black Sea, reported source.

US Navy EP-3E Aries plane was spotted approaching the Russian airspace and was identified immediately by Su-27 fighter jet “at a safe distance”, citing the statement of the Russian Defence Ministry, said a popular Russian news agency.

After reported back to the unit of communication intelligence, the Russian fighter jet escorted it to move away from the Russian airspace “in compliance with all security and safety requirements,” added the statement.

As per the statement of Defence Ministry of Russia, the fighter jet had returned to its home base after the US plane has altered the flight course of the plane from Russian airspace.

In a statement, the US Navy called the interaction between US and Russian airspace as “determined to be unsafe”, claims that Russian Su-27 has conducted “a high-speed pass directly in front of the mission aircraft, putting at risk the pilots and crew.”

On Monday, a source of US said that SU-27 came “very, very close” to the TS EP-3 aircraft, added that it made additional pass after activation of its afterburners to produce more turmoil.

However, there were lack of communications between the two planes and the encountered lasted less than 25-minutes, reported spokesman Eric Pahon.

It continued that US EP-3 has conducted a routine operation while the encounter with SU-27 took place, which did not provoke the Russian activities.

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