United States Welcomes Post-Election Statement Of PM Modi On Inclusiveness

United States Welcomes Post-Election Statement Of PM Modi On Inclusiveness

The United States has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s post-election statement on inclusiveness, claims his re-election was a “clear” mandate for his vision of an inclusive, strong, and prosperous India, who plays a leading role on the global stage.

Last week, PM Modi said that his government will now start “a new journey to build a new India with new energy” and reached out to minorities, claims that the ruling alliance must achieve their trust and work with indiscrimination.

Hours after PM Modi takes oath of office, a senior State Department official told sources that “we certainly welcome Prime Minister Modi’s post-election statements that have emphasised inclusivity that no one should be left behind, that there should be no distinction between Indian citizens, that the government should rule with the trust of everyone.”

Narendra Modi was administered the oath of office as the Prime Minister of India by President Ram Nath Kovind.

BJP’s historic victory was overwhelming, said the official, adding that it was the first time back-to-back majority win since 1971.

The official told sources, “It provided a clear mandate for Prime Minister Modi and for his vision of strong, inclusive and prosperous India that plays a leading role on the global stage.”

2019 Lok Sabha Elections was a remarkably democratic lesson, in which 600 million voters out of 900 million eligible voters, which means one in eight people living on this globe has participated, said the official.

Sources claims, “While much of the election campaign focused on questions of national security, voters also are looking to PM Modi to accelerate economic growth and deepen progress on development issues.”

It continued that the ruling-BJP is planning moderate changes to the economy after winning back-to-back majorities, focused on rationalising rather than services, which many executives and economists say would put the country on a higher growth route.

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