United States on Rohingya Crisis says, “Myanmar not listening to Us”

United States on Rohingya Crisis says, “Myanmar not listening to Us”

After spending few days in New York’s United Nations Headquarters, anyone can tell the two most prolific voices is that of US ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. Both detailed the source on Thursday before the most significant week of the United Nations, one got the detail of position the UN’s ‘parliament of humanity’, which is supposed to take steps against Myanmar.

Mr. Guterres weighted in on the arrest and sentenced to death of two Reuters journalist in Myanmar and said that “It is not acceptable to have the journalists of Reuters in jail for what they were doing. It is my deep belief that should not happen, and I hope that the Government will be able to provide a pardon to release them as quickly as possible.’”

Ms. Halley restated her designation on Aung San Suu Kyi’s reply at the World Economic Forum earlier discussion about the arrest and sentencing of them in Myanmar.

She stated that “’We must figure out how we are going to bring back the Rohingyas to Burma in a way that is safe. I don’t think the government has done enough; the military has not accepted responsibility. The fact that Aung San Suu Kyi basically acknowledged the fact that the reporters were right to be detained and imprisoned is a real problem, and so we have a communication problem. What they are saying no one understands and what we are saying they are not listening to. At some point, the international community must speak in one voice and not be okay with them being in Bangladesh.”

Both the Reuters journalist were investigating the murder case of Rohingyas, last August by the military force. Last week, at a forum in Hanoi MS. Suu Kyi, expressed that the murder case has not connected with freedom of expression. She continued that the journalist was sentenced for handling secrets of officials and “were not jailed because they were journalists.”

Both the US Ambassador to the UN and Sectary General confirmed the following developments, which were imposed to pressurize over the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Haley acknowledged the crisis as ‘hot topic’ and stated that she would be initiating active participation in the high-level meeting during the UNGA over the issue.

She said, “I’m personally going to be in a ministerial meeting hosted by the UK on the status of the Rohingyas. It will have multiple international counterparts and that is a hot topic right now”

Guterres further confirms that the ICC (International Criminal Court) will take-up the case as ICC and UN work together but independently. Therefore, the process could see Myanmar liable and cornered to offer its case on the international level.

The Secretary-General continued that “’There was an initiative already by Bangladesh in relation to the ICC. So, the question is already on the table. And, as far as I understand, the ICC has recognized its capacity to deal with the issue. So, I think that this is already on course.”

India has more than 40,000 Rohingya refugees and senior ministers in Modi-led BJP government have said that they will be expelled from the country.

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