United States Asks Pakistan Military To Initiate “Right Steps” After UN Ban On Masood Azhar - TNBC USA

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is presently saying right things and trying to make changes in the nation, but his military leadership too needs to take right steps and decision, said the Trump Administration on Wednesday, hours after the UN Security Council has designated Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist”.

Around a year and a half after the United States President Donald Trump has ordered for cutting off security aids to Pakistan, informed a senior US Administration that the United States is trying hard to change the policy of Pakistan on supporting terrorist outfits.

Citing the US’ recognition of ISIS links with its home-grown terrorist group, the US official doesn’t want to get involved in Pakistan’s internal policy and expecting the Pak Military source to correct the situation. He continued, “We support the civilian government. We support the nascent democratic system there. We support the fact that Prime Mister Khan says the right things and appears to be trying to make some changes within Pakistan. But only time will tell if he is successful in doing that.”

A senior administration official claims that the Pak’s military leadership also needs to take the right steps and decision, adding that “so far, we do see support from the military to the direction that prime minister Khan seems to be going in.” Trump Administration has credited PM Khan for his “helpful statements” on breaking out on terror groups and some primary steps being taken in this regard.

The official continued, “So, we do appreciate that Pakistan is saying the right thing, has taken the initial step that we’re looking for, but we reserve judgment because we have seen backpacking in the past.”

It further said that the United States wants to “reserve judgment” till it sees if the steps they are taking are pointless.

Concerning that the time will only tell about Pakistan’s future course of action, the official claims that PM Khan till has made the correct statement.

“He is very public about wanting stability in the region, pointing out how important that is for Pakistanis to prosper and to have economic development which is one of his core campaign promises. He has directly related that goal to Pakistan being able to crack down on militancy within the border,” added the official.

In the past, the US official has pointed out that the country has seen Pak resorting to the same pattern of taking some temporary steps against terrorists and putting them under house arrest like they did with Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhavi and Hafeez Mohammed Saeed, only to release them and go back to usual operations.

He further claims, “So, unfortunately, the track record (of Pakistan) is not good on this front. But we continue to remain hopeful and encouraged by the initial statements and some of the very initial steps that we have seen Pakistan taking.”

Referring to the UNSC designated Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist”, the official said, “We think this designation is really critical and important for keeping Pakistan accountable to its commitment like the travel ban and asset freezes and other steps.”

Now, they are accountable to the international community and “It is too early to say whether Pakistan would indeed uphold its international obligation, but we remain hopeful,” added the US official.

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