UK And US will “Regret” Seizing Tanker Off Gibraltar, Claims Iran Revolutionary Guards - TNBC USA

The United States and the United Kingdom will regret hindering an oil tanker of Iran, said a Deputy Commander of Iran’s Elite Revolutionary Guards on Thursday, reports source. 

Last week, the British Royal Marines had boarded an oil tanker of Iran, ‘Grace 1’, off Gibraltar and seized its suspicions that it was breaking the European Union Sanctions by taking oil Syria. 

A Deputy Guards Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi claims that “now an action that does not need ability but some stupidity has been carried out by them.”

He continued, “The American government … and also England…. should not have taken action if they had made the smallest calculation.”

“We had rented this ship and we carried the cargo. Their action was very silly and they will certainly regret it. Our reciprocal action will be announced,” he added. 

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