Two Rare White Tiger Cubs Found New Home In Nicaragua

Two Rare White Tiger Cubs Found New Home In Nicaragua

Two white tiger cubs have found their new home at Nicaragua National Zoo, where they will join a menagerie of rare big cat species.

The cub siblings named Halima and Osman, are 5-months-old and the only species of their kind in Central America, said Zoo director Eduardo Sacasa. These cubs were donated from a Zoo in Mexico, home these cubs’ parents, and the third-generation of tigers are born in captivity in that nation, he claims.

White tigers and lions are both extremely rare, numbers only a few hundred around the globe, and own their appearance to a recessive gene. There aren’t albino or a distinct tiger subspecies. The World Wildlife Fund has estimated that the number of wild tigers has decreased from 100000 to around 39000. Though the numbers have risen in the recent times but the species is vulnerable to extinction, claims the WWF.

Sarcosa said, “In their natural habitat they are almost extinct… there’s more living in zoos (than in the wild).”

A local entrepreneur has sponsored the adoption of Halime and Osman, who has also underwrite the veterinary care and food for the siblings.

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