On Wednesday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said that it was unacceptable for nuclear-armed states to prohibit Ankara from procuring its own nuclear weapons, but didn’t disclose whether turkey had any plan to obtain them. 

President Erdogan told his ruling Ak Party members in the Eastern City of Sivas that “some countries have missiles with nuclear warheads, not one or two. But (they tell us) we can’t have them. This, I cannot accept.”

He continued, “There is no developed nation in the world that doesn’t have them.” In fact, many developed nations do not have nuclear weapons.

In 1980, Turkey has signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, has signed the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, which restricts all nuclear detonations for any purpose. 

Turkish President also has hinted that he wanted the same protection for the nation as Israel. 

“We have Israel nearby, as almost neighbors. They scare (other nations) by possessing these. No one can touch them,” added President Erdogan. 

Foreign analysts have said that possesses of Israel is a sizable nuclear arsenal. Israel has maintained a policy of ambiguity around the nuclear issue, refused to deny or confirm its capabilities. 

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