Trump’s Venezuela Consulate Proclaims Extend Sanctions On bank Backing Nicolas Maduro - TNBC USA

The special representative of  US President Donald Trump promised for Venezuela that Washington would “ expand the net ” of approvals on the South American nation, along with financial assistance to the President Nicolas Maduro’s government.

The representative Elliot Abrams told on a US Senate subcommittee hearing, “ There will be more sanctions on financial institutions that are carrying out the orders of the Maduro regime”.

The United States along with dozens of other countries has acknowledged the opposition leader of Venezuela, Juan Guaido as the interim President of the oil-rich Venezuela increasing the pressure on Nicolas Maduro, a socialist to drive out.

In this week, Washington invalidated the US visas of the senior officials of Venezuela and told it had pointed out the efforts by Nicolas Maduro for working with foreign banks for shifting and hiding money.

A neoconservative, Abrams who served a role as a US activist advocating for a long time, told he had been dictating the European banks to take steps for safeguarding the individual assets of the Venezuelans from Maduro government. He did not name the banks.

Some legislators pushed Abrams, who was hired to his position recently I January, about approving temporary safeguarded status for Venezuelans in the United States.

Amid the deepening economic crisis due to crucial shortages of food and medicine as well as hyperinflation,   more than three million people are decided to escape from Venezuela.

Nicolas Maduro, who vowed as a president in 2013 and was re-elected in the; last year by vote widely considered as fraudulent and accuses the US supported exterminating campaign for the current crisis. His opponents blame his socialist policies have prompted the bankruptcy.

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