Trump Professed Strong Warning, “If Turkey Hits Kurds Will Be Devastated Economically” - TNBC USA

The US President Donald Trump alerted Turkey about the financial razing if at attacks Kurdish forces in the stirring of the US troop withdrawal from Syria, while also pleading the Kurds not to “ kindle” Ankara.

Trump posted on Twitter for revealing some of his current insights in the slow drip-drop of information being released by his administration after his stunning decrement of the troop pullout from Syria in December.

Top Diplomat of the US President, Mike Pompeo is on a hurricane tour targeted at inspiriting the allies among the increasing tensions between Turkey and the US over the fate of Syrian Kurdish allies of Washington in the fight against the ISIS.

Pompeo also attempted to inspirit the Kurdish allies of Washington in the fight against ISIS, who panic the departure of American troops would allow Turkey to strike against them.

Turkey had proceeded with severe anger to recommendations that the plan of Trump for withdrawal of troops was restrictive on the safety of the US-supported Kurdish fighters, witnessed by the Turkish government as terrorists.

Trump posted in a tweet, “ Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds” while forcing for the circling of a 20- mile “safe zone”.

The operations instigated by the US authority and high command against ISIS in Syria have been fronted on the ground by the Kurdish controlled Syrian Democratic Forces.

Ankara observes the spinal cord of the alliance, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units as a terror group connected to the Workers  Party of Kurdistan which has fought a long periodic revolution against the Turkish state.


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