To Secure and Imposing Own Regulations on the Specific Territory, China Rapidly Building Lethal Force - TNBC USA

According to the intelligence officials of US, China promptly forming a powerful lethal military force who will be enriched with diverse kind of advanced and latest potentiality in the space, air, at sea, even in cyberspace which will enable them to make secure and impose their own regulations in their specific territory.

The Senior Defence Intelligence Analyst Dan Taylor told the reporters , “ The strategic objectives of the Chinese Communist Party include securing China’s status as a great power”, at the news conference of Pentagon and on the occasion of the release of the mandated report “ China: Military power modernizing a force to fight and win”, by the defense department.

He told that the long periodic military modification programme has been featured by the Chinese leaders for the essential acquiring of the “great power status”.

Mr. Taylor said, “ Indeed, China is rapidly building a robust lethal force with capabilities spanning the ground, air, maritime, space and information domains, designed to enable Beijing to impose its will in the region and beyond”.

In the past decade, the diverse range of contradictory  piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, to an extensive military appearance in the South China Seas in the East, China has always particular demonstrations and potentiality to utilize the PLA” People’s Liberation Army” as an instrument of national power in the implementation of what they call their “ history mission in the new century” according to Mr. Taylor.

The development in the PLA equipment and the potentialities which have aimed at a generation of combat power across the PLA services in current Beijing with the additional replies options as China confronts the increasing global security concerns.



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