A Yemeni mother has been received permission by the State Department to fly to California for saying the last goodbye to her 2 years old dying son, according to the attorney of the mother. The 21-year-old Shaima Swileh, has been staying in Egypt but also is a citizen of Yemen which is a Muslim majority country and one of the targeted of the travel ban issue imposed by the Trump administration. Ali Hassan of 22 years old, the husband of Sweileh is a US citizen and also the resident of Stockton, in California. The two met in Yemen, were married in 2016 in February and soon had their son Abdullah.

But the boy was the inborn patient of degenerative brain disorder which is called hypomyelination which pushed him to experience seizures and the other disorder symptoms as an infant according to the attorney of the family, as well as civil rights lawyer, Saad Sweilem. The husband and wife Swileh and Hassan shifted in Egypt where they urged for a travel visa for Swileh through the help of US Embassy in Cairo. The family expected to get medical care and proper treatment for Abdullah in a hospital of US.

But in 2017 in January US President Donald Trump announced the travel ban by the executive order, muddling the efforts of Swileh for obtaining a visa according to her attorney.

Swileh was invited to the embassy for the specific interviews in 2017 October and 2018 in January and along the way, she informed the officials about the worsening condition of her son. During the appointment in January, the officials told her that she would not be approved for a travel visa and she required to apply for a travel-ban waiver alternatively according to the sayings of her attorney. Abdullah’s condition became sicker and the case of Swileh remained in limbo.

Finally, in August, she had been brought to the embassy for a third round interview and received a piece of paper assuring that her eligibility for a waiver was still being considered. Therefore in October, husband of Swileh and son crossed the border through a plane to California without her. The boy started asking for treatment at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland where the doctors sent letters to the embassy in Cairo about the dire death of Abdullah according to Sweilem. Still, there was no progress.

Hassan said, “My son, Abdullah, needs his mother. My wife is calling me every day wanting to kiss and hold her son for the last time” pleading with tears to the US government for reconsidering the case. He said, “Time is running out. Please help us get my family together again”.

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