To Safeguard US Diplomats in Venezuela, US Government Resources “At the Ready”

To Safeguard US Diplomats in Venezuela, US Government Resources “At the Ready”

For a long time, the social activist leaders of Venezuela has been targeted the ponderous and sturdy US Embassy. The Venezuelan socialist leaders have expelled numerous senior American consulates. But the agitated circumstances has never been higher before now, while the authorities directing the diplomats to be out of the country by this weekend.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro continued the diplomatic relations with Washington after the US President and his administration identified the rival leader Juan Guido as provisional President. The US government has publicly declined the order of Maduro for vacating the embassy claiming it has the permission of Guido for staying.

The impasse raised the probability that Maduro could use the military for expelling the remaining diplomats.  His allies, already have recommended the government could diminish services to the building.

The leader of the social activist party of the Venezuelan party, Diosdado Cabello told, “ They say they don’t recognize Nicolás”. He added, “OK. Maybe the electricity will go out in that neighborhood, or the gas won’t arrive. If there are no diplomatic relations, no problems.

A longtime diplomat and the former American ambassador to Panama, John Feeley,  who is currently serving as the political consultant for Univision told, “ almost certain that ordered departure instructions will be issued by the State Department, mandating the removal of nonessential personnel and their dependents from the country as a security measure.” Most probably the US authority would leave a minimum staff for maintaining the only symbolic presence.

The scene outside the American Embassy in Caracas, simply active with the visa applicants, was early quit with embassy guards positively blocking most access. The embassy enforced a bulletin directing the staff to confine their children in the home away from school and also restrict themselves in neighborhoods in the capital and not to attend any kind of public demonstrations.

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