To Maintain A Balance In Bilateral Trade China Increase Import Of Goods From Us

To Maintain A Balance In  Bilateral Trade China Increase Import Of Goods From Us

Before the vital discussions in the next month to negotiate the conditions of the trade deal with the US to resolve the prolonging trade war, as per the statement of the top Chinese officials. According to the officials of China, they will resume more importation of goods from the US for maintaining a balance in the bilateral trade, as per the main demand of US President Donald Trump.

As per the demand of the US President, China has to trim almost $375 billion trade deficit and security of the intellectual property rights, a scheme of technology transfer and more access to US goods to the markets of China.

The US President extend the tariffs on over $250 billion Chinese exports to the US and intimidated to increase tariffs on $200 billion Chinese imports to 25 percent. The US President executed his warning for enacting the additional tariffs on the rest of Chinese imports as both sides escalated the moves for the discussions for settling the conditions of the deal.

Recently, White House claimed that the discussions between Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He, and the main Chinese trade negotiator, and the Trade Representative of US, Robert Lighthize, as well as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will be arranged on April in Washington.

Before the discussions, Vice-Premier, and member of the Politburo Standing Committee, Han Zheng told the China Development Forum in Beijing On Sunday that China will proceed for enhancing the import and achieve an evener balance of trade with the US.

Han Zheng also told, an assembly of foreign business representatives and officials of the former government from the US and other countries that his government was pledging to point out the conditional negotiation.

He said that China would develop the access policy for best marketing, including pointing out the “negative list” among the industries in which foreign investment is bounded or proscribed, and prohibited the customs pushing foreign firms to transfer owning technology for a joint venture partner.

He added, “ As a next step, we will continue to shorten the negative list for foreign investors and allow sole proprietorship of foreign businesses in more sectors”.

He also included, “We will continue to strengthen intellectual property protection, prohibit forced technology transfers, and build a penalty and compensation system (for infringement cases) ”.

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