On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump has arrived in France for the second day of events to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing by Allied groups.

Before taking his flight from Caen Airport in the Normandy region, President Trump tweets, “Heading over to Normandy to celebrate some of the bravest that ever lived. We are eternally grateful!.”

Along with the First Lady, President Trump boarded a helicopter to fly to Colleville-sur-Mer, where he and French President Emmanuel Macron will honor fallen US servicemen in the capture.

Earlier, President Trump had tweeted comments from Fox News host Sean Hannity that referred to “glowing reviews from the British media” of his trip to the United King for a 3-days state visit.

The US President has complimented this with “hateful coverage” by TV Network MSNBC that is regularly critical of Trump.

On Wednesday, President Trump had joined Queen Elizabeth II and other prominent personalities for the first day of commemoration in Southern England’s Portsmouth.

Trump tweets, that he “could not have been treated more warmly in the United Kingdom by the royal family or the people.”

On Wednesday, Donald Trump left Britain for Ireland, where he met Prime Minister Leo Varadkar at Shannon Airport for discussion.

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