On Monday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed his desire to stay at Pak Ambassador’s official residence in Washington instead of staying at an expensive hotel during his 3-days visit to the United States to begin from July 21, reports source. 

While staying at residence of Asad Majeed Khan, his cost incurred in the visit will be reduced, claims source, adding that neither the United States Secret Service nor the city administration appeared “very receptive” to the idea. 

It takes over the security of a visiting dignitary as early as he or she lands in the United States, while the city administration has ensured that his visit won’t disrupt traffic in Washington.  

Washington receives hundreds of Prime Ministers and Presidents every year and the United States federal government works connected with the city administration to guarantee those visits doesn’t disturb its normal life. 

The official residence of Mr. Khan is located in the centre of Washington’s diplomatic enclave, where there are a number of embassies in and around the zone, including those of Turkey, India, and Japan. 

PM Khan also holds a number of meetings with the US lawmakers, media, officials, and think-tank representatives during his 3-days visit in Washington, added source. 

Since the official residence of the Pak Ambassador is not large enough to hold all these meetings, the Pakistan Prime Minister have to meet his guests at the country’s embassy, communicate through busy traffic in Washington during rush hours. 

His escort will have to drive by most of these embassies and official residence of the US Vice President Mike Pence.

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