Through the Old-Fashioned Communication Method Trump and “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un Developed a Warm Relationship - TNBC USA

The US President Donald Trump used Twitter to blackmail “Little Rocket Man”, but he and Kim Jong Un have since emerged a “beautiful”  relationship through a more old-patterned method of communication: paper letters.

The President, who basically omitted the diplomatic protocols, has alerted to the “historic” and “groundbreaking” mash notations from the North Korean director, who has been charged with accomplishing human rights outrage. At the cabinet meeting this week, Trump gestured a new one and announced that people have been shown it to have “ never written letters like that”.

Trump told the reporters, “ We’ve really established a very good relationship”.

To Trump, the few letters which he received from Kim since their June summit i9n Singapore offer an easy riposte to reports that his valuable awards bid to assure the rule for surrendering its nuclear weapons program has stopped.

Though direct discussions have lost excitement since the negotiators dismissed a summit with State Secretary Mike Pompeo in the early November, the recorded bulletin have existed fresh and interposed a sense of comical tune in the discussions according to the assistants, suggesting Trump a reason to carry on.

Usually, the letters are passed between the diplomats of North Korea and America who meet at the neutral zone of the Korean Peninsula which is free from military force, according to the familiar officials of the entire proceedings. Among those who have received letters for Trump is Harry Harris, the US ambassador to  South Korea, along with his deputy as per the report of the officials.

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