Three Mosques Evacuated Over Bomb Threats In Germany - TNBC USA

Over three mosques across Germany were evacuated after receiving bomb threats via email, forced the police to tighten security on Thursday. 

In Southern Germany’s Bavaria, two mosques were immediately vacant after staff received email from a far-right outfit, which threatened to kill Muslim worshippers and asked for the release of its group members from prison, reports Anadolu News Agency.

German Police has introduced a search operation inside the mosques in Freimann and Pasing, but nothing suspicious was detected. 

In Western Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia State, a mosque in Iserlohn has received the same email, claims bombs were positioned inside the place of worship. However, the threats later turned out to be a hoax. 

After searching inside the mosque with bomb-sniffing dogs, police vacant the mosque. 

People were isolated from the affected areas while probing underway.

On Tuesday, the largest mosque of Germany is situated in Cologne, has also received similar bomb threats that later turned out to be a prank.

In recent times, the country has witnessed a growing number of hatred against Muslims provoked by the information of far-right parties.

In 2018, the German Police has recorded 813 cases of hate crimes against the Muslims, including physical assaults, verbal attacks, and threatening letters. Over 54 Muslims were also severely wounded in such attacks. 

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