The US, China Meet Through “Productive” Trade Discussions In Beijing

The US, China Meet Through “Productive” Trade Discussions In Beijing

The United States and China arranged “ productive” trade discussions in Washington will continue next week, informed by US State Secretary Steven Mnuchin as both of the global powers are desired to end the trade war.

Along with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, US State Secretary Steven Mnuchin organized a day of discussions before Chinese Vice Premier Liu He goes to Washington next week for another round of discussions in what could be the finishing game for approaches.

Mnuchin wrote on his Twitter account, “US Trade ambassador Lighthizer and I just concluded productive meetings with China’s Vice Premier Liu He. We will continue our talks in Washington, DC next week ”. But he gave no details.

At the end of the discussions, three men appeared before the cameras at a state guest house in Beijing, with casual talking in a friendly manner amongst themselves but did not speak to the reporters.

In a brief report, Chinese official Xinhua simply remarked that the latest discussions had taken place and the next round of discussions would occur in Washington as planned next week.

After their arrival in the Chinese capital, Liu had entertained his US guests on Tuesday night after they arrived in the Chinese capital.

Mnuchin told reporters at the hotel in Beijing, “ we did. We had a nice working dinner, thank you”, while asking if he had met with Liu on Tuesday. He did not explain.

Washington and Beijing have mentioned progress on the issues along with intellectual property and attempted technology transfer for helping end a conflict influenced by the tit-for-tat tariffs which have cost both sides billions of dollars, interrupting supply chains affecting the financial markets.

But privately the US officials claim an enforcement mechanism for a deal and the timelines for increasing tariffs are jabbing points. Chinese officials have also admitted that they view the imposing mechanism as crucial, but claim it must work in two ways and cannot put restraints only on China.

In Washington, the people involved with the trade discussions claim that the query of whether and while US tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods will be dismissed possibly be among the resolution of the last issues. US president Donald Trump has said that he may continue some tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods will be ended will possibly be among the last issues to be resolved. US President Donald Trump has claimed that he may impose some tariffs on Chinese goods for a “substantial period.”

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