The Number Of Child Victim Significantly Growing Due To US Airstrikes In Afghanistan: UN Report - TNBC USA

As the part of the same extended family, ten children were killed by a US airstrike in Afghanistan, along with three adult civilians, claimed by the United Nations. On the early Saturday, the Airstrike was part of a battle between the Taliban and combined Afgan, as well as US forces which remained about 30 hours in Kunduz, a northern province where the Taliban is strong.

The children and their family had been replaced by combating elsewhere in the country, told by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan told in delivering its preliminary discoveries about the incident. UNAMA told in a briefing that it is checking that all 13 civilian morality happened around the time of the air strike.

Three other civilians were wounded. The incident occurred in the Telawi community near Kunduz city. The representative of Sgt. Debra Richardson for the NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan ensured that US forces distributed the air strike. She said the mission targets to block civilian moralities, while the Taliban intentionally hides among civilians.

The record number of Afgan civilians were brutally killed in the last year as regional operations and suicide bombings escalated, the United Nations told in a February report. The number of Child victims who had to have perished through air strikes has grown every year since 2014.

Combating has enhanced during a period of returning discussions between US and Taliban officials targeted at finishing the 17-year long war in Afghanistan.


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