The Corrougious Move of Trump Administration on Pak Religious Freedom Praised by Lawmakers - TNBC USA

The significant move of Trump’s Administration to degrade Pakistan as a country of a particular review was a bold one, a controlling US lawmaker said on Tuesday. The Congressman, as well as Chairman of House global human rights subcommittee Chris Smith, told, “ This administration has had the courage to hold Pakistan accountable for its persistent and systemic failures to protect the civil and human rights of religious minorities”.

He said, “ This designation gives hope and voice to the suffering Shia, Christian, Hindu, Ahmadi, and other minority citizens, whose very presence counters religious extremism in Pakistan”.

Mr Smith greeted the move of Trump Administration in this assessment after the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo saying he had appointed CChina, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Mayanmar, Iran , North Korea, Sudan Turkmenistan as the “ Countries of Particular Concern” in a annual report analysed by Congress.

In his report, Mr Pompeo re-appointed China, Iran, North Korea , Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan including Pakistan.

Mr Smith also greeted the the inclusion of Russia by the State Department on its devoted freedom “Special Watch List” for governments that interconnect with the severe violations of religious freedom.

Smith professed , “The violations of religious freedom in Russia are real, thoroughly documented and at times, brutal ”, at the trial he leaded the Helsinki Commission  on “Religious Freedom in Eurasia”.

He said, “The Russian government deserves this — and next year, we should consider carefully whether it belongs on the list of Countries of Particular Concern — the ‘CPC’ list for the worst of the worst”.

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