The Arrival of Russian Jets Instigates Venezuelan Social Media Midst US Sanctions - TNBC USA

The unfamiliar arrival of a Russian passenger flight in Caracas has generated rumors in the social media about the mission of the earlier arrival after Kremlin urged for backing its ally Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro against a US-supported effort to push him from office.

Along with the space for 400 passengers, as well as belonging to the Nordwind Airlines of Russia, The Boeing 777 was stationed in a private corner of the airport after directly flying from Moscow, according to the recorded data of flight tracking and images from media.

The record shows it choose the route for the first time. Both of Venezuelan government and Nordwind did not respond urgently to a request and declined to comment on the actual reason of flying off the jet to Caracas. Social media network of Venezuela was alive with methodology – that it had contained auxiliary, was there for escorting the interim Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro into exile, or containing gold. None of these assumed methodologies were based on any solid evidence, but the febrile theorizing was a testimony to the atmosphere of unpredictability in the country as the Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro confronts revolutionary international pressure for stepping down. In the last week, the private military auxiliaries who continue the secret missions for Russia had flown into Venezuela to boost the security of Maduro facing the mass protestation by the opposition in the last week, according to the familiar people of them. The flight normally made a journey between Russia and Southeast Asia and out of the record to have flown to Caracas before, according to the available recorded data. Neither other commercial airlines nor Nordwind airlines services propose direct flights between Moscow and Caracas.

According to Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, he is confronting a Washington supported rebellion attempt led by the rival leader Juan Guido, who last week asserted himself President and was acknowledged by the United States as the legislative leader of the state.

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